Are you organising an end-of-year party, a lottery with your parents' association, a fair or an event to support a school? 

Since our opening, we have already participated in and supported many school events. Thank you for appreciating the Château des Énigmes, and for wanting to share it with others! 

For each event, we are giving away 2 children's tickets to the Château des Énigmes, each worth €14, for a total of €28

and 2 tickets to the Serbat Museum, each worth 11,00€ for a total of 22,00€. 

That is a total donation of 50,00€. 

To receive your free tickets, here are the steps to follow: 

Send us :

> an A4 envelope pre-filled with your details, stamped with 2 stamps 
> your request for a lot by post with the logo and/or stamp of your association 
> a CERFA donation certificate worth €50.00

Enclosed is the form to fill in


Upon receipt of these elements, we will be happy to send you your donations, valid from Easter to All Saints' Day. 


The address of the Château des Énigmes : 

Château des Énigmes
Request for prizes 
Laàs Castle
64390 LAAS


We ask you to kindly separate these 4 lots during your events! 


Please note that we do not make donations from the Cabanes du Temps Suspendu, or from the Escape Castle.