A castle where you are the hero!

The Château des Énigmes de Laàs invites you, your family or your friends to experience a new bewitching adventure through a great treasure hunt in a universe populated by fantastic creatures.  

Come and share a positive, authentic and patrimonial experience by exploring the 12 hectares of the castle's park. Take a breath of fresh air in the landscaped gardens, the bamboo grove and the wilderness on the banks of the Gave. 

For almost 3 hours, experience the experience of a magician's apprentice, accompanying Willy on his heroic quest. 

 Overcome the evidence of the flying broom, free the fairy queen, find your way through the spinning webs, escape the masked figure in the bamboo grove and challenge the dragon Iragor.

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Skill, logic and team spirit

At the entrance to the park you will be given your Enigma Pass. It is on this small piece of paper that you will be able to write down the answers to the 28 games and riddles you will be facing. 

Alongside Willy, the hero of your adventure, you will embark on a great story, full of pitfalls and adventures. To meet the challenges that will be proposed to you, you will have to use your 5 senses, but also your logic, your skill and above all, your team spirit.

Once you have completed your course (allow 2-3 hours), you can validate all your answers on touch screen terminals. The principle is simple: one correct answer = one clue.

With all the clues you have collected, you will then have to solve the great enigma: it's time to rack your brains!

A personalised diploma at the end of the course will reward the most valiant players.

All the information, instructions and clues relating to the treasure hunt are given in English as well as in French.


A magical journey!

Willy, a young apprentice magician from Béarn, at the prestigious school of magic of the Principality of Laàs, is given a secret mission by Professor Abellion. Professor Abellion asks him to find the grimoire Picatrix, protected by the dragon Iragor, from the strange lands along the Gave d'Oloron. On his way, he meets creatures as fantastic as they are cunning, who will either accompany him or slow him down in his quest.

Willy has no idea that his journey will be more difficult than he imagines, because the grimoire possesses a strange supernatural force, coveted by a malevolent being...