From what age can children play on the play trail?

Children from the age of 4 can enjoy the game trail (with the help of their parents to read the signs).

How long does it take to do the Castle of Riddles?

How long does it take to do the Castle of Riddles?
The average time to do the whole tour is around 3h/3h30, but this depends on the age of the children and the number of visitors. Allow an extra hour if you wish to take the guided tour of the Museum.

However, we advise you to allow at least half a day or even the whole day if you want to take full advantage of the site by walking around the park (free visit of the arboretum), discovering the conservatory orchard and its ancient species of fruit trees, taking a sunbath on the banks of the Gave d'Oloron... or replaying the games you enjoyed the most on the tour!


Can I use a pushchair on the course?

As the playground at Château de Laàs is on several levels, it is sometimes difficult to get down or up the stairs in a pushchair. However, we do provide baby carriers free of charge to parents who wish to take part in the adventure (with an ID card deposit)!



Is the course accessible to people with reduced mobility?


The entire course is not accessible to people with reduced mobility due to the layout of certain outdoor areas. Unfortunately, access to the lower part of the park, including the bamboo grove and the exotic garden, is only possible via stairs. The same applies to the games in the outbuildings near the castle. However, the rest of the estate, which covers several hectares, is fully accessible, allowing you to discover all the challenges of the course at your own pace.



Are dogs allowed?

Dogs are (to our great delight) allowed on the game course provided they are kept on a lead at all times. However, they are not allowed in the museum (except for guide dogs). There are also several water points in the park to refresh our four-legged friends.



Is it allowed to swim in the Gave?

It is strictly forbidden to swim in the Gave d'Oloron from the banks located in the park of the Château de Laàs.



Can I have a picnic in the park?

There are numerous picnic areas, most of them shaded, throughout the park of the Château de Laàs. Some are accessible to PRMs (location on request).

A snack bar is available every lunchtime and afternoon in July and August only. We offer sandwiches and talos as well as ice creams and crêpes for snacking, to be enjoyed in the shade of hundred-year-old trees.


What do I need to bring to the playground?

All you need to bring is a pen to write down the clues you collect on the various games along the route.
We advise our visitors to wear closed shoes for the course.

If it is raining, we advise you to bring rain gear and suitable footwear (such as boots), as some parts of the park can be very wet following heavy rainfall.

What time does the course close?


The ticket office closes 2 hours before the park actually closes, i.e. at 4pm in April/May/June, at 6pm in July/August and at 4pm in September/October/November.