Labeled gardens "A remarkable set of trees in France"


The Château of Laàs has a magnificent park of nearly 12 ha which is partly used for decorating the treasure hunt of the Château des Enigmes. You will be able to wander in several landscaped areas with a unique identity. An arboretum can also reveal some of the park's most remarkable tree species: you have the choice to read the tree presentation panels or download the mobile application.

French's garden

Le jardin à la française, very popular in the 17th century, is a garden with an esthetic and symbolic ambition. It brings to its peak the art of correcting Nature to impose symmetry. It expresses the desire to exalt in the vegetale the triumph of the order on the disorder, of the Culture on the wild Nature.

Here, it is built through walkways that lead the walker among lawns, yew topiaries, hundreds of red roses and dwarf boxwood that have been here for more than 200 years. The water jets echo the crystal chandeliers of the castle.



Italian's garden

Le jardin à l'italienne is characterized by its ability to exploit the surrounding landscape.

The gardens are placed on terraced spaces. They open on wide perspectives. Water and minerals (statues, stone walls, fountains) have a lot to do with it.

Here are all the features we find: the organization in terraces, the circulation of water, the fountain, the ceramic pots, the colorful flower beds. The staging is perfect to highlight the point of view on the Gave d'Oloron and the chain of the Pyrenees.



Exotic garden

Very popular at the end of the 19th century, exotic gardens appeared thanks to the development of the maritime fleet and the great expeditions that brought back species from all over the world.

Here we find plants forming a tropical exotic set , in a wild and intimate atmosphere.

The bamboo plantation plunges the visitor into an equatorial atmosphere, encircled by bamboo, sugar cane and palm trees. On the way back to the jardin à l'italienne, you will discover varieties of New Zealand flax or a maple tree.



Conservatory vegetable garden

Since March 2017, a conservatory garden has been set up on the site of the former vegetable garden .

You can discover a variety of old vegetables (including 18 varieties of tomatoes with amazing shapes and colors) and colorful flowers.

This garden is maintained according to the principles of organic farming. And if you are having lunch at the Château's kiosk, it's impossible for you to taste some of the vegetables from our garden!



Conservatory orchard

In 2007, a conservatory orchard was set up on a surface of 2 ha at the back of the park. There are 1600 fruit tree seedlings spread over 5 parcels. The orchard is composed of local varieties to which have been added other old and rare varieties. It is maintained by a specialized arboriculturist according to the principles of organic farming.

You will find apple trees, peach trees, pear trees, plum trees and vineyards. An organisation called "The friends of the orchard of Château de Laàs" will soon be created and open to those who want to help preserve this exceptional conservatory orchard.





View of the Gave D'Oloron and the Pyrenees

The Gave d'Oloron is a French river in the Pyrenees which flows through the departments of Pyrénées-Atlantiques and Landes. The river passes at the foot of our park, cross the Italian garden and you will discover a unique view on the mountains and the river.