A castle in which YOU are the hero!


A visit to the Château des Enigmes with your children will show them that visiting a historical monument is not dull or boring! Come and discover this splendid Renaissance chateau through a giant treasure hunt in which you are the hero !


Upon your arrival, you will be immersed in the story of the pirate Jack Rackham and his sumptuous treasure. From games to games, you will progress in the heart of a plot that will take you to every nook and cranny of Usson's Castle. Because at the Château des Enigmes, you are the hero !

So are you ready? All Aboard!


Dexterity, logic and team spirit


After receiving your « Pass’Enigmes » – on which you will note  your answers – you will set off on a giant treasure hunt which will take around 3 hours to complete.
All the information, instructions and clues related to the treasure hunt are given in English as well as in French.

To successfully complete each of the 27 games along the trail you will need to call upon your powers of dexterity, logic and observation, as well as showing a good team spirit : at the Château des Enigmes your children are no longer just simple spectators, they become the characters in the game.

An adventure where you are free to go where ever you want 

The trail is open (there are no barriers like those found in other theme parks)
and clearly sign-posted : this means that you are free at any time to go back and re-do everyone of the games, or to stop and have a picnic or have lunch in the snack.

The trail will take you through all the nooks and corners of the Château d’Usson, allowing you to explore it in detail : you will go through the woodland park, the box maze, the underground passages, and the most beautiful rooms of the Chateau – including the Orangery with its iron frame by Gustave Eiffel and the Regency Salon of the Marquise de Pompadour.

Information boards along the route will teach you more about the theme of the treasure hunt, while other boards give more detailed information on the history and architecture of the Château : your children will be having so much fun that they won’t even realise they’re learning at the same time!


Receive your pirate certificate


At the end of the trail there is a final riddle to solve. For this final step you can choose between three levels of difficulty, adapted to different age groups.

Take your « Pass’Enigmes » to one of the interactive screens in the Orangery, and check off the answers– for each correct answer you will be given a clue. With all your clues gathered you can then try and work out the solution to the final riddle : at which point the whole family will need to put their heads together!

Before leaving, everyone who has taken part in the treasure hunt will be awarded a Certificate – so all the family can go home as Pirates !





Des décors créés par Nicolas Tabary

Si c'est l'équipe du chateau des énigmes qui a créé le scénario original de l'hitoire à laquelle vous allez prendre part, les dessins qui l'illustrent sont l'oeuvre du dessinateur de BD Nicolas Tabary. Ce nom vous dit quelque chose peut-être? Mais oui, Nicolas Tabary est le dessinateur des BDs D'Iznogoud, vous savez ce célèbre Vizir, qui voulait être Calife à la place du Calife ! 

Grâce à ses talents de dessinateur et à son sens de l'humour décapant, Nicolas Tabary nous acccompagne dans la réalisation des parcours en dessinant les scènes et certains jeux. L'objectif, au travers de ses dessins, est de donner vie à une histoire, dont l'intrigue est développée au fur et à mesure du parcours et ainsi vous immerger au maximum.

C'est également Nicolas Tabary, qui a créé toutes les illustrations utilisées pour le logiciel d'infographie sur lequel les joueurs valident leurs réponses en fin de parcours. Bref, c'est un peu notre Walt Disney charentais :-)