A magnificent 24 Acre Setting

The area of the park immediately in front of the Chateau has been laid out in the Italian style with laurel groves, topiary, climbing roses, ponds surrounded by box hedges and even a large maze like those found in the gardens of Italian châteaux.

The 24 acre park has an incredible variety of ancient trees, which is rare in Charente-Maritime. You can wander in the shade of oak trees over 30 metres tall, of gingkos, cedars of Lebanon, ash trees, lime trees, maples, pines and palm trees.

Bordered by hedges and with numerous ponds, the park attracts a wide variety of animals and birds. If you look carefully you may be able to spot some of the 36 species of birds which have been reported in the park, a family of squirrels, hedgehogs, hares and, if you are very lucky, even some deers.

The small farm of the Chateau


As you follow the trail around the park it will take you through our little farm. Your children will be able to go up to the animals and make friends with them. You’ll find goats, sheep, lambs, chickens...

If your children want to spend more time with the animals, you are welcome to go back to the farm after you have completed the trail.

Please explain to your children that they must not frighten the animals by running after them. Likewise, dogs are not allowed in the farmyard, even with a lead.