A fun and educational school outing

For your school outings, Le Château des Énigmes offers you a fun and educational day with a game trail in the heart of a magical universe. A thrilling journey that allows children to test their deduction, observation and agility skills. For nearly 3 hours, children will be plunged into the shoes of apprentice wizards and will be able to discover the park of the Château de Laàs, its outbuildings and its small educational farm while having fun.

This concept of visit exists since 18 years in the Castle of Usson (in Charente-Maritime) with now more than 120 000 enthusiastic pupils welcomed. The educational nature of this type of visit has been supported for many years by the Charente-Maritime Education Inspectorate and it has received numerous awards from both the public and institutions (Best Tourist Event awarded by the Demeure Historique, AFIT Grand Prix, etc.).


A life-size treasure hunt

The pupils will have to use their senses of observation, deduction, balance, touch, smell... (and even do a bit of maths) to solve, as a team, the 19 tasks of this course lasting between 2 and 3 hours (depending on the age of the pupils).

The course will take them on a thrilling journey through different landscaped gardens (the bamboo grove, the Italian gardens, the vegetable garden, the French garden) and the outbuildings of the Château decorated as 17th century living quarters.

Optional workshops/tours

We offer several options for visits and workshops to complete your day at the Château de Laàs.

For example, you can organise a guided tour of the Serbat Museum adapted to the age of the pupils, take part in a creative workshop (making a fan, writing a Fable of La Fontaine with a pen) or discover the orchard and the vegetable garden in the company of an arborist.


A comfortable outing

To make your visit easier and to help you make the most of the castle, we provide you with
- a free car park accessible to buses.
- a personalised welcome, with a hostess reserved for the well-being of your classes.
- games adapted to the youngest (from 4 years old) as well as the oldest.
- a shaded picnic area exclusively for your school (or a sheltered area in case of rain).


How to book your visit?

As some days in June and July can be very busy, it is best to book your visit to the Château des Énigmes as soon as possible, so that you can choose the date that suits you best.

Ask for a quote at laas@chateau-enigmes.com and pre-book your visit.

We offer several possibilities for school or group outings:

Our activities : 

1- "Willy and the Secret of the Grimoire" game trail

2- Guided tour OR a workshop in the Museum

3- Visit OR a workshop in the Orchard

Our "Passes" : 

4- "Willy at the Museum" Pass (Game-Path + guided tour OR a Museum workshop)

5- The "Château de Laàs Museum" Pass (visit to the Museum + a Museum workshop)

6- The "Willy in the Orchard" Pass (Game trail + visit to the Orchard OR a workshop in the Orchard)

7-The "Museum to the Orchard" Pass (visit to the Museum OR a Museum workshop + visit to the Orchard OR an Orchard workshop)

8- The "Orchard" Pass (visit to the Orchard + a workshop in the Orchard)