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Loir-et-Cher Le mag : « At the Chateau des Enigmes, in Fréteval, everyone leads the investigation. Located between Blois, Tours and Vendôme, the Château des Enigmes in Fréteval has it all. We spend the afternoon with family with a lot of fun, in a dream setting. »

You can read the french review here !

Familiscope : Website about kid's activities and family vacations: « Very nice and fun activity for families : children who did not want to go ended up loving: diversity of activities and end of investigation to the air of digital: something to delight them. Walk in 2 hours with children of 6 and 8 years old. » : Read the reviews Château des Enigmes – Val de Loire


Facebook : You can also see th different comments on our Facebook page such as:  « We had a great Sunday with friends (adults and children). Very proud of our diploma the Park is very great ! The undergrowth is beautiful, the team is really nice, the riddles are aproachable for everyone (the little ones must of course be helped by an adult) a very nice day, thank you! »
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