A haven of peace for wildlife

The Rocheux castle, also known as the castle of riddles, posess many tresure that you didn’t expect...

Have you ever been in a 18 acres parc? In that case, no more hesitation, come visit our parc ! The few miles to walk are nothing compare to the beauty of nature, luxurious vegetation and old trees give this parc a majestic look.

Our parc is not just pretty, in fact this one posess the perfect harmony between fauna and flora, true paradise to let the development of the biodiversity, the castle of riddles wanted to participate to this development by creating an insect hotel and a chicken coop.

Follow the melody that make frogs all around the moats, and don’t hesitate to admire carps and others fishes jumping from the river.

Quiet … for the most discreet of you, some people will get the chance to see squirrels, hedgehogs, hares, or even roes !

For the other who would not have the chance to see these animals, the castle of riddles promise you that you could see sheep goat and their babies, which are waiting for you to give them a hug.